Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I place an order?

Placing an order is simple. It is best to start with your address so your delivery fee can be established and we are sure you are within our delivery area. Then select from the available restaurants for an ASAP order or change the date and time to see available restaurants for that time. You can then select from available menu items and you will be prompted with choices to make. Make your decisions and fill up your cart to proceed to checkout. Answer the required questions, include any delivery notes and it is best to include a password and set up your accont then. Orders are typically delivered in 40-55 minutes. ENJOY!

2. Is there a minimum food order, and what are the Delivery charges?

For lunch in town deliveries we ask for only a $5 minimum food order. For orders outside our cored delivery, and all other times we request a $10 food total.

3. How long will it take?

It depends... A hundred factors go in to your delivery from how long it may take a restaurant to make your order, to road conditions and weather. Most deliveries are made in 45-55 minutes. Depending on factors we can be as quick as thirty minutes or as long as an hour and a half (not typical) we will try to update you when we can.

4. How is my food transported?

Your order is delivered by and independent courier. If you have any trouble with a driver please let us know as we can stop deliveries to you by that driver. We would also like to know so that we may use that to evaluate future deliveries. Any delivery fee is paid to your driver.

5. What if I want to add to my order?

If it is right away no problem. If it is from the same restaurant place another order and your delivery fee for the second order will be refunded by the dispatcher. Please be advised if your order has been placed for a while it can significantly delay your order, as food that was already in process waits for additions.

6. What if I want to remove an item or cancel my order?

If your order has not been placed with a restaurant we are happy to cancel your order. If it has been placed we will call the restaurant to see if they will let you cancel it. If so no problem. If not you are responsible for that order. We will be responsible to the restaurant for the food. Continually cancelling orders or items will limit your access to this service.

7. Can I order beverages as well as food?

Yes most restaurants have beverages available.

8. What type of credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

9. Why can't I order from any restaurant in Bend?

We only service restaurants on our website. We make a commission on the sale and have billing arrangements set up with these restaurants. If there is a restaurant you would like to see let us know.

10. Can I order from multiple restaurants?

Certainly. However multiple restaurants will add multiple delivery fees.

11. Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes gift certificates are available in any amount. Find the link at the bottom of this page.

12. Can I use a restaurant coupon?

Restaurant coupons are generally not accepted. If so they will be speciffically labeled as such.

13. Why is you listed menu price higher than the restaurants?

We are partnered with most of are restaurants and offer menu price with most of these restaurants.

14. Why don't you accept checks?

A very high percentage of checks paid to us are returned. Our bank charges a signifficant fee for this service and it is simply not worth the risk. Drivers are allowed to accept checks with dispatcher approval only. Long time and business customers are still approved.

15. What are your terms of use?

By placing an order or causing an order to be placed you agree to the following: The order can not be cancelled once it is placed with a restaurant by us. The person or persons causing that order to be placed will accept liability for the payment of said order. If a payment is returned by your financial institution you agree to make Take Out Today, Inc. whole including any fees for food, delivery, tip or fees charged by our financial institution as a result of the delinquent payment. You also agree that we are providing pre packaged restaurant food and are not responsible for the preparation or safe handling or contamination by allergens. You agree that we do not have the food in our posession long enough to be the cause of any food born pathogen (less than one hour). You further agree that if you have an allergy or an aversion to a food item that you will deal with the restaurant directly and not cause us to be a party to a transaction that could possibly harm you. You also agree that all food allergens can exist in every restaurant we arrange delivery for and agree to hold Take Out Today, Inc and it's affiliates harmless for any claim arrising from any cross contamination, menu change or any other claim relating to the preparation or handling of food items. If you can be harmed with a food allergy we are sorry but we are unable to accomodate you. We do not have any control over the food product and are not always made aware of menu changes. Menu items, prices, descriptions, recipes and ingredients are subject to change without notice.